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If a small firm in Seattle can do it, you can too.

Owning your own PR firm may be more fun than you think. Especially if you work with clients like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and Strideline socks. Maile is doing what brings her happiness. I met Maile at a meet and greet for Mario Lopez a few years ago and instantly networked with her. Her job is one that I have always dreamed of having.

Where do you work and what is your job title?

I work for my own boutique PR Firm, Cabral Edwards Management. My job title is co-founder and lead account executive.  I founded the company in March 2011 with my business partner Kassie Edwards.

Why did you choose to go into PR?

PR naturally found me. In the past ten years, PR and Marketing have converged and I am good at marketing. Moving into PR was a natural fit for my skill set.

Where did you receive your PR degree?

I didn’t! I received a degree in Education from the University of Kansas, with a double Major in Portuguese. I’ve found that my degree in Education and the English skills I learned in school have been extremely beneficial to my PR job now.

 What were some obstacles you faced after college when you were trying to find your dream career?

It’s difficult to find the right job opportunity that makes you happy. For me, happiness is owning my own firm. That may be someone else’s nightmare. I highly suggest getting at least two in-depth internships before entering the job market. You’ll get a taste of what different companies are like and develop relationships that you’ll hopefully take with you into the market when you are hired. Those internships can also lead to paid positions when the opportunity is right.


What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is being a small business owner. I get to control my schedule and decide what hours I want work.  When you own your own business, you no longer have a boss, which can be a great thing. However, you’ll find that your clients become your boss in a metaphorical kind of way. If they need something and its 11 pm at night, you have two choices. Choice one is to not complete the task, and risk losing your client or choice two, complete the work even though it is a less than convenient time of day. 

Where do you have previous PR experience?  

Prior to owning my own agency I worked 4 years at a marketing agency. My position included completing both marketing and PR tasks.

Describe to me a typical day at work for you.

There really is no typical work day for me.  In general, my time is spent either servicing existing clients, networking for new clients, participating in events that support other PR executives in non-competitive fields and developing myself professionally. 

Servicing existing clients is always number one to my business partner and I and always takes priority to all other tasks. First thing in the morning, I scan email, voicemails and texts for communications from existing clients. These communications take priority to all others and are addressed first. Client communications also take priority to all personal communications.

Our business is word of mouth only and we have been fortunate enough to not have to advertise our company or go out and “sell” new clients. This does not however mean that we are not actively seeking out new clients on a regular basis. We attend fashion related events, conferences and tradeshows and let people know we are “available”. We prefer to let everyone know we are available, then see who comes back to us organically.

I have a large network of other publicists I rely on for advice, that I give advice to, and provide support for when needed. You’ll find that when you give to others with no strings attached, these same people will help you out, perhaps when you need it most. So much of what I do in PR is absolutely who you know.

How do you use social media in your job?

We use social media in a variety of ways. We use it to push out content for our clients or to share relevant content about our company. We also have clients that ask us to manage their social media on their behalf, or to set up their social media accounts for them. There are PR and marketing agencies that specialize in social media and on occasion we hire them out to manage in depth social media campaigns that we don’t have the time to execute.

If I remember correctly, you have your own PR firm. Do prefer having your own business or working for someone else? 

Both my business partner and I have worked for someone else in the past.  I know for sure that we both prefer to work for ourselves. However, there is a lot of extra work when you own your own firm (invoicing, taxes, payroll, etc.) that take up a significant amount of time that you might not have to manage if you worked for someone else. You just have to decide what is right for you.

 Have you had any significant clients? (well-known?) 

We do! We have clients that we work with on several different levels. From project based clients who hire us to execute a single short term project, to clients we represent on a full retainer, on an exclusive contract. Some of our most well known clients include Hudson Jeans, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and ABC’s The Bachelor and Bachelorette. 

Can you tell me about any of the clients you have now? 

Absolutely! Most of our clients are fashion brands. We are currently working most actively with C4 Belts, Modify Watches, Rich Kids Brand, Strideline socks, Radley Raven and Medium Apparel. All of these brands will be seen on this season of ABC’s The Bachelorette.

Do you have any advice for students entering the PR field?

Work hard, and never let anyone get you down. There is a lot of competition in PR, and you have to naturally be competitive. Work harder, and smarter than the person next to you and strive to make yourself irreplaceable. Be pleasant to work with and kind to others. I have found that clients absolutely prefer working with a PR firm that is pleasant and kind and have left other firms who had not been so pleasant to work with.

Dream On

Getting a college education has always been a dream of mine. Ever since I was little, I knew I wanted to go far in life. To me, getting a college education means growing up. It means becoming my own person. By growing up, I mean, moving out of the house I grew up in, living away from my parents, and learning how to live on my own. By getting a college education, I am beginning to make my own decisions in life.

I like too many things

I chose to be a public relations major because I love communicating with people, pretty much what every communication major says. I am enthralled by the music industry and want, so badly, to work within that area of expertise. With a PR degree, I figured that I could be a PR agent for a celebrity, or musician. The media is where I want to be and I figured this was the way to reach that dream. My second major is in business administration with a certificate in sports business. I have always also thought about doing something with sports. After job shadowing Julie Barber, the Seattle Seahawks PR manager, I fell in love with her job. The sports industry is such a huge thing in the world and I want to be a part of it. There are so many jobs that I wish I could have so I continually try to add to my education and further my knowledge.

Ordinary is not for me

In the future I hope to have a job that I enjoy and have fun with. I want something I can brag about, something different and outstanding. After 6 years of schooling, I hope I can do something out of the ordinary. For me, getting a college education means standing out and making myself better.

Social Media: The New Way of Communicating

Social media is not just gossip

Social media is not all just celebrity gossip and people updating about when they make a sandwich. Public relations professionals are now taking advantage of the super powers that social media sites hold. These newer sites are not only used by millions of people everyday, they are great outlets to reach the public quickly. Social media sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and Instagram are useful PR tools.

The rules of PR on social media

  1. Be interesting, not boring.
  2. Make your posts newsworthy
  3. Be giving to the reporters
  4. Facebook is a no-no
  5. Be social and public
  6. If possible, use videos and visuals


But why?

1. No one actually wants to read a boring tweet or a really long Instagram caption. Be short and to the point. It is more appealing to look at shorter sentences rather than large blocks of texts.

2. Make your posts something that will engage the people. Journalists will not be attracted to your posts if they are not newsworthy.

3. Journalists want their questions answered. Make sure that you give them information they want to hear.

4. Facebook is too “social” for a PR professional to be on. It is more of a way to connect with friends and let them know what you are doing. Your clients do not need to know what you are doing on a daily basis, or see your personal photos.

5. No one likes automated responses. It is important that if you are on a social media site, you reply to each individual who is trying to reach you. Make sure that if you are on Twitter, you should follow your followers back so that they may message you.

6. It is important to use visuals. People are attracted to pictures; this is why Instagram is becoming a more popular way to communicate with their audiences. They do say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  Using YouTube is also a useful way to to communicate to many people. With videos, people are getting a visual about your company or yourself.

These Days

According to, in this day and age the 56% of Americans have at least one social media site. Through social media you can reach all types of people. Social media is becoming a habit for people these days and they are beginning to check their profiles more and more each day. With these sites becoming more prevalent in the world, it is important that PR professionals learn to use them effectively.


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Newsy, Not Cutesy

Journalists and public relations professionals are in a diminishing relationship with each other.

A Changing Industry

At this day and age, media outlets are constantly changing with the growing communication industry. With evolving media outlets, PR professions are finding new ways to communicate their information to the public and taking shortcuts. By eliminating the media filters it is quicker and easier to reach the potential audience.

The Love-Hate Relationship

What was once a strong partnership in the past is now one with problems. There is not just one problem between these two professions, there are many. It is interesting how people in each profession (PR and journalism) view each other and their work.

Journalists want:

  • Emails with catchy subject lines
  • Story pitches that are about topics they write about
  • PR professionals to follow through on promises

Public Relations professionals want:

  • Replies to story pitches (good or bad)
  • Story pitches to be sent to a person who would write about it
  • Civility

However, there is still a small amount of PR professionals who try to thrill journalists with interesting pitches.  

My Future Profession

Working well and efficiently with other professionals is the key to a successful career. It is important to understand both views on the problem. Being a potential PR professional I can definitely take this article into thought. Now knowing what journalists really think about what PR professionals and vice-versa I will be able to make sure I please each journalist I pitch to.



These states still ban cohabitation, sex toys… and gay marriage.


These states still ban cohabitation, sex toys… and gay marriage.

Looking Behind the Scenes

Does the public really know what goes on behind the scenes? Isn’t that the point; that no one really knows what goes on?

Because no one know what is going on behind the scenes, the have no idea what public relations is.

Public relations is everywhere, but people do not really notice it. Did you know that social media is used in PR. I bet that you hadn’t even thought of that. Over the years, people have received improper definitions of what PR really is.

The majority of the people who I asked believed that Public Relations had to deal with the public. And they are correct with that assumption. One person said that it had something to do with communications. Another said that she believed PR had to do with people and some type of entertainment.

Other answers included:

  • Something to do with the public
  • Commercials
  • Communicating with people

After asking around, I began to realize that no one in the public really knows what exactly public relations is. Honestly, I do not even have a complete understand of what PR is yet.

When I first started looking into the major, I had no idea what it was either. I thought that it was making sure that celebrities and musicians had good reputations. And in some ways, that is part of PR.

 I also thought commercials were a part of PR, which is completely wrong. Public relations would be the celebrity that you may use in a commercial. Or maybe the placement of a product in a movie. The celebrity brings more viewers and attention to the commercial, but the commercial is advertising.

 According to, public relations is “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” 

Building relationships was never mentioned by anyone that I asked. Networking is a large part of PR. It is necessary to build relationships with organizations in order to connect them with the public. Connecting the public and businesses together creates beneficial relationships for both parties.

In my opinion, public relations is all about building relationships with other companies and communicating with the public. Improper definitions of PR have altered the way that the public thinks of it. Behind the scenes, PR agents are working hard to help businesses and people build relationships. The people who go unnoticed are the most important.

“A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.

-Richard Branson